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Cargo Net

Cargo Net Manufacturers in Jharkhand

Chhotanagpur Rope Pvt. Ltd. specialize in the manufacturing and exporting of Cargo Nets that are made from natural and synthetic ropes. The Cargo Nets are rot and rodent proof, and exhibit great strength even under the roughest use. Our Cargo Nets are quite durable as compared to other options. We offer Cargo Nets at affordable prices.

We also offer high quality Cargo Net produced with the use hind-end machinery. They are also light weight and flexible to acquire various shapes for carrying any items. Along with that, these nets are light in weight but also tough which keeps it safe even while keeping it in refrigerators. They are manufactured with FDA grade polymers and colorants.

Attributes of Nylon Cargo Net

  • Improves highway safety
  • Follows with fresh regulations for transport of crushed cars
  • Wide variety of roll sizes
  • Disposable
  • Economic
  • Minimum wind resistor
  • Easy to implement

Applications of Wire Rope Cargo Net

  • Water parks
  • Carry safely fragile items

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